Solar Energy

Eezy Lite StandardSolar Eezy Light Standard

Solar Eezy Light Standard is a revolutionary innovation to your lighting needs. Good for use by almost everyone. Why not save energy and use this kit for camping, studying and general lighting. Affordable yet convenient. Comes with 1 x solar panel, controller, lights with switches and battery charger complete with cables.


Eezy Lite TorchSolar Eezy Light Torch

Solar Eezy Lite Torch brings convenience to your household. It also comes with a solar charged battery which you can independently use for almost everything from security to other lighting needs. Its battery takes time to discharge and it is very compact. Get yourself this affordable . Comes with 1 x solar panel, controller, 4 x lights with switches and battery charger complete with cables.

Why not use the free sun energy and save. Your nights will always be lighted, much to the envy of your neighbours. Every house needs this, with or without the Eskom Power. Order now!

With easy self-installation instructions. Brought to you by Solar Power Harvest.

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(A subsidiary of Phuzamanzi Industrial Maintenance Projects, trading as Phuzamanzi Electrical)

Build and Own a Power Station, at your home!

Have you ever thought of the prospect of owning your own power station? Impossible you say? Think again! With the installation of the Photovoltaic (PV) panels in your home, commercial facility, factory etc, you will have a complete ‘Power Station’ which belongs to you. This system will harvest the free solar energy into a clean, green power to you and your household. Let the problems associated with power outages, rolling black outs and copper theft be news to you.

It is estimated that South Africa and the rest of Africa will take the lead in the Solar Energy market from 2015, and you rather be part of it right now! The Governments will also consider buying back some power from these plants, and the opportunities are enormous!


Solar Power Harvest PTY (Ltd) is a South African based Private Company which was established to cater for the energy needs of the South African renewable energy market. It is a subsidiary of Phuzamanzi Electrical, a Centurion based Company which is growing at a rapid rate. The energy needs of the South African Market have taken strain in the last few years. Eskom’s supply is far exceeded by the demand, and in 2008 South Africa saw its first major power shortages which resulted in rolling power outages called ‘Load Shedding’. These are planned outages where the utility attempts to protect the power grid from disintegrating.

Of course Eskom has started with the build program to expand the capacity, including the building of the massive Medupi Power Station in Limpopo, which will be rated as one of the top in the World, and Kusile Power Station in Mpumalanga. There are other peak smaller power stations on the pipeline. At the same time, the South African Government has kick-started major solar and wind power plants in the Northern and Eastern Cape provinces as Public Private Partnerships (PPP’s) as it encourages the Independent Power Producer (IPD’s) initiative in dealing with SA’s energy needs.

Copper Theft and Vandalism of Electrical Infrastructure

Coupled to the shortages of power generally, there is also an increasing and worrisome element of copper thieves. Eskom has coined a term for the thieves, calling them ‘Izinyoka’, a Nguni word for ‘snakes’, which is contextualized as being a danger to themselves through their actions, as well as to the communities, with often disastrous consequences.

The copper theft phenomenon is leaving hundreds, if not thousands of communities and business in the dark. This results in disrupted operations in all fronts and has a negative impact to the economy in general. One can imagine that even if Eskom power were to be available 24hrs, 7 days a week, the theft of copper will render it not to be continuous nonetheless.

An alternative

The rest of the world has already seen an opportunity as far as green energy is concerned, with countries like Spain, Italy, Germany, China, India and others taking the lead. Africa, and in particular South Africa, cannot be left behind as alternative sources of energy, especially Solar Energy, is glaringly available due to the sunny days that the African sun is offering. Solar Energy is harvested by installing Photovoltaic (PV) panels, mostly on the roofs of buildings or stand-alone structures, and wired in a manner that will easily transfer solar energy to usable electrical energy, either DC or AC, as the customer wants it. The Customer can use it for lighting and water heating needs as required.

Customer Savings

The Solar energy can be used as an independent energy source to a commercial building or communal one. The advantages are massive savings in electrical costs (bill). The return on investment can be within a year or two, and the life of the investment is close to 30 years, with a huge cost saving opportunity throughout its lie cycle. The Solar Energy is static. There are no moving parts, no major maintenance needs and is reliable. The importance of practicing save energy saving tactics and making energy saving a practice can never be over-emphasised. It is especially so with solar energy as the generation of electricity is during the day, and the energy is then stored in batteries and converted into AC by inverters.

Decision Time

Take this opportunity to register your name on our database of potential PV installers, and our Company, Solar Power Harvest PTY (LTD), will send one of our professionals to do a site inspection and plan for your new energy needs. A comprehensive design and the material ‘bill of quantities’ as well as a competitive quote will then be presented to you for approval. Please hurry to register as the installation of PV panels takes some time from concept to installation. The first 50 customers who successfully contract for the installation of PV panels before 31 October 2014 will each receive a 10% discount on the quotations.

Register online or send an email to, with the subject line being: Solar Power Quotation