Core Services

TLB, Cable Jack and Cable Roller Hire

Phuzamanzi is a certified TLB Operator. Our services offered include:
• Trenching of cables
• Trenching for water pipes
• Closing of open trenches
• General construction
and many other electrical, plumbing and Civil needs.

Generator Sales and installation

To keep your business and home running, Phuzamanzi sells, installs and maintains generators through a hassle free and quick process.

service6Installation, jointing and termination of High Voltage and Low Voltage cables

We specialise in the low voltage and medium voltage cable works by doing heat shrink joints and terminations under planned and breakdown conditions. We also have a strong supply chain to ensure that we supply with the different materials to satisfy the cable requirements with respect to size and voltage. We also do the different cable tests like pressure tests and tan delta tests. Our specialty is within the XLPE (PEX) and PILC (Paper) cable types.


service9Cable fault testing, detection and route identification

Phuzamanzi Electrical has the ‘state-of-the-art’ cable detection machines from Megger, which are able to pin-point the fault distance and depth, thus saving the Client time and money. This fault detector is also wheeled around, making it easy to reach the normally difficult areas not reachable through a normal machine fixed in van. We also have other auxiliary equipment to assist with the cable position through tracing, thus avoiding accidents when doing mechanical excavations. Because we take safety of our employees seriously, we have invested in the use of a hydraulic ‘cable spike’ to ensure that all the underground cables that we work on are not assumed not ‘live’, but are indeed ‘dead’ to be worked on.


service1Wiring of facilities

Our company has extensive experience in the wiring of facilities. For planned projects, we have the knowledge of reading off the approved plans, work out the bills of material and get the correct material for the wiring of distribution boards, lighting, plugs and other circuits, and issuing the certificate of compliance (COC) after a successful installation. We have done this for various block of flats, hotels and commercial buildings, and guarantee our installations.

service2Inspection of facilities and issuing of Certificates of Compliance (COC)

For old, existing and new installations, we are able to do the electrical audits, inspections, and tests and issue the certificate of compliance (COC) upon successful inspections and tests. Remedial work is done at a competitive quote to ensure that the building ‘passes the tests’ in order for it to comply with the Electrical Installation rules as stipulated in SANS 10142.We do have a wireman’s license for this purpose.

service5Industrial Electrical Maintenance

We have the capability to work in industrial plants and warehouse of different sizes and shapes. Our expertise include knowledge of wiring for motors, pumps, compressors and other related automation plants within the fast moving consumer goods and other related industries. We also use suitable equipment including ‘cherry – pickers’ to reach for heights safely.

service7Electrical infrastructure development (rural & urban)

For our company, developmental projects like the infrastructure development within the electrical field is what we enjoy doing. We can lay new low and medium voltage cables, kiosks, meter boxes, mini sub stations and customer connections. We do underground or overhead line infrastructure which is normally referred to as ‘electrification’ for urban and rural environments.

service8Streetlights installations and maintenance

Our company does streetlight maintenance as well as new installations, including the energy saving light fittings in the form of LED’s. We have a strong supplier base where all the planning regarding the steel pole height and ‘lux levels’ are designed according to the Client’s needs regarding area of intended usage. We also ensure a balance load combination at kiosk level, and ensure that automation of lights is limited to the evenings only by installing the correct ‘day-night’ switches.

service4Installation and maintenance of overhead power lines (11kV to 132 kV)

We have the expertise and resources to execute maintenance projects within the overhead line environment by planting new poles, mounting overhead transformers and recloses, and stringing the conductors and changing the different insulators, among others. Our teams are led by supervisors who are authorised for ORHVS (Operating Regulations for High Voltage Systems) as per Eskom’s requirement for safety and compliance to OHS Act. We also empower our employees with the training specific to this environment.