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Hydraulic Cable Spiking Tool

Please contact Phuzamanzi Electrical to hire this service. The spiking tool is totally hydraulic in operation and does not require cartridges or a license to operate. Our product has been developed for use under all conditions and through extensive testing meets all required safety precautions.
The spiking tool is simple to operate and will easily penetrate every form of normally applied cable coverings up to 120mm outside diameter. The design is such that it will provide years of trouble free usage and can be applied vertically or horizontally.

Being totally manufactured in South Africa, all parts are easily and inexpensively available. In the event of accidentally spiking into a live cable the chisel will be burned. Minimum repairs would be needed such as resharpening the chisel or replacing it immediately at low cost.

A number of municipalities are now insisting on the use of a spiking tool to finally determine if a cable is dead before cutting. The intelligent use of this unit can be a lifesaver and under all conditions will give definite manpower accident prevention.

The spiking tool and all its components comes packed in a powder coated case weighing 28 Kg with dimensions of 600 mm (L) x 400 mm (W) x 200 mm (H).

It is illegal and fatally dangerous to cut underground cables during maintenance and repairs without having first isolated, identified, tested, earthed and used the cable spiking gun to ensure safe discharging of stored energy in the cable and avoid fatality should a wrong, live cable be cut. Many Clients now insist that this work be done only by professionals who are properly trained and skilled using approved equipment. Avoid shortcuts and be safe, use the services of Phuzamanzi Electrical as we have the hydraulic cable spiking gun which is approved and safe for this purpose.


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